ASC In-Service: Radiation Safety Evaluation

The purpose of this course is to identify the consequences, the most common incidences, and the top risks factors for retained surgical items using the AORN Guideline for Retained Surgical Items.
Before registering for this evaluation, the learner must have attended the in-service presentation provided by their facility.
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ASC In-Service: Radiation Safety Evaluation

The purpose of this activity is to enable the learner to increase their knowledge of the AORN Guidelines for Radiation Safety.

This is a four-hour in-service on how to implement the AORN Guideline for Radiation Safety.


  1. Identify topics that should be addressed in policies and procedures as part of a radiation safety program.
  2. Identify the principles to observe to keep radiation exposure as low as reasonably achievable.
  3. Describe measures for minimizing patients’ and health care providers’ exposure to radiation.
  4. Discuss proper care of protective devices.

Contact Hours
To earn 4.0 contact hours, the learner must have attended the in-service presentation and then complete the course evaluation. Learner has 30 days from registration to complete the course evaluation. Contact hours for this course will expire on November 1, 2021.

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