Guideline for Processing Flexible Endoscopes 2016

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Guideline for Processing Flexible Endoscopes 2016

This webinar reflects the newest edition of the AORN Guideline. There is a webinar for every new or updated Guideline that is released.


The AORN Guideline for Flexible Endoscopes provides guidance to perioperative, endoscopy and sterile processing personnel for processing all types of reusable flexible endoscopes and accessories. The cycle of processing includes point of use cleaning, transporting, leak testing, cleaning, inspecting, packaging and sterilization, or high-level disinfection or liquid chemical sterilization, and storage of flexible endoscopes and related accessories. Following the recommendations provided in this new evidence-based guideline is critical to minimizing the risks for endoscopy-related infection and providing safe patient care. This presentation will provide an overview of the guideline recommendations, including design of the endoscopy processing room, processing errors, and outbreaks associated with endoscope processing, the potential for transmission of prions via flexible endoscopes, cleaning verification, and culture surveillance.