Guideline Implementation: Design and Maintenance of the Surgical Suite

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Volume 109, Issue 4 - April 2019
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Guideline Implementation: Design and Maintenance of the Surgical Suite

The primary considerations for any health care facility construction or renovation project are the design and function of the new areas, assessment of environmental risks for airborne contamination, and containment of dust and moisture created during construction activities. Disruptions created by construction inside or outside a health care facility can increase airborne organisms, such as Aspergillus, that can lead to infections; thus, infection prevention and control are integral parts of construction planning. The AORN “Guideline for design and maintenance of the surgical suite” provides guidance to perioperative team members for developing a functional program to guide the construction/renovation project, use of evidence- based design principles, measures to contain construction- related dust and debris, and maintenance of utilities after planned or emergent utility failures. Perioperative nurses should review the complete guideline for additional information and for guidance when writing and updating policies and procedures.

Key words: construction, renovation, infection prevention, containment, infection control risk assessment.