Guidelines in Practice: Autologous Tissue Management

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Volume 113, Issue 1 - January 2021
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Guidelines in Practice: Autologous Tissue Management

During a surgical procedure, the surgeon may remove tissue to be preserved and stored for replantation or autotransplantation on or in the same individual during a subsequent procedure. The AORN “Guideline for autologous tissue management” provides guidance to perioperative personnel for preserving and handling autologous tissue (eg, cranial bone flaps, parathyroid tissue, skin, vessels) that will be replanted or autotransplanted in the same facility in which the tissue was surgically removed. This article discusses guideline recommendations on packaging, labeling, storing, and disposing of autologous tissue. A scenario describes how an interdisciplinary team uses the 1ORN guideline and Guideline Essentials to identify recommendations and tools to incorporate into their policy and procedures after their facility receives a citation during a regulatory site visit. Perioperative RNs should review the entire guideline for additional information when creating and updating policies and procedures on autologous tissue management.

Key words: autologous tissue, replantation, autotransplantation, preservation, tissue tracking log