Patient Care During Minimally Invasive Lateral Spine Surgery

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Volume 108, Issue 2 - August 2018
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Patient Care During Minimally Invasive Lateral Spine Surgery


Perioperative nurses care for patients undergoing a wide range of surgical procedures. One fast-growing surgical specialty is spine surgery performed using minimally invasive techniques. Patients may be candidates for minimally invasive spine surgery based on their presenting signs and symptoms and medical imaging test results. Open anterior and posterior surgical approaches to spine surgery are how surgeons traditionally have performed these procedures. However, new technology has enabled a minimally invasive lateral approach to the spine. This approach minimizes many of the risks and challenges associated with both the anterior and posterior approaches. Minimally invasive lateral interbody fusion requires the perioperative nurse to have a thorough understanding of the necessary patient positioning, spinal anatomy, and OR suite setup to ensure a safe and successful surgical experience for the patient.

Key words: minimally invasive lateral interbody fusion, minimally invasive surgery, lateral spine surgery, spinal anatomy, patient positioning.