Periop Mastery 2.0 - High-Level Disinfection

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Periop Mastery 2.0 - High-Level Disinfection

The learner will have the knowledge and confidence to implement the evidence-based and recommended practices from the AORN Guideline for Manual High-Level Disinfection for performing safe and effective manual chemical high-level disinfection of reusable semicritical items and preventing patient and health care worker injury associated with the handling and use of liquid chemical HLDs.

Upon completion of this module, the participant should be able to:

  1. Identify the role of the interdisciplinary team in the selection and use of HLDs.
  2. Identify key considerations in the preparation of items to be processed by high-level disinfection.
  3. Identify safe practices for the use, handling, and storage of HLDs.
  4. Identify the procedures for transport and storage of items processed by high-level disinfection.
  5. Identify methods for mitigating the risks associated with the use of HLDs.