Periop Mastery 2.0 - Older Adult

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Periop Mastery 2.0 - Older Adult

The purpose of this course is to provide guidance to the perioperative RN in providing safe, effective care for the older adult patient throughout all phases of perioperative care. Topics include communication, psychosocial and legal issues surrounding aging, measures to promote physical safety and optimal outcomes, and physiological conditions associated with aging.

Upon completion of this module, the participant should be able to:

  • Identify ways to enhance communication with the older adult.
  • Identify psychosocial issues common in elderly patients.
  • Identify legal aspects regarding patient consent for surgery.
  • Identify measures to ensure the physical safety of the older adult.
  • Identify measures to promote an optimal outcome for the older adult surgical patient.
  • Identify physiological conditions common in the older adult.