Periop Mastery 2.0 - Patient Skin Antisepsis

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Periop Mastery 2.0 - Patient Skin Antisepsis

The learner will have the knowledge and confidence to implement the evidence-based and recommendations from the AORN Guideline for Preoperative Patient Skin Antisepsis, including preoperative patient bathing; hair removal; proper selection and application of skin antiseptics; fire risk assessment, and safe handling, storage, and disposal of skin antiseptic agents.

Upon completion of this module, the participant should be able to:

  1. Identify current protocols for preoperative patient bathing.
  2. Identify the clinical considerations related to preoperative hair management.
  3. Identify key factors for the appropriate selection of skin antiseptics.
  4. Identify proper application procedures for various skin antiseptics.
  5. Identify safe handling guidelines for skin antiseptic agents.