Recommended Practices for Specimen Management 2015

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Recommended Practices for Specimen Management 2015

This webinar reflects the newest edition of the AORN Guideline. There is a webinar for every new or updated Guideline that is released.


The 'Recommended practices for specimen management' provide guidance for management of surgical specimens in the perioperative practice setting, including guidance for handling of body parts being reattached to the patient, forensic and radioactive specimens, and explanted medical devices and orthopedic hardware. The specific actions for handling various types of specimens may differ; however, the overarching management process is essentially the same for all specimens. Accurate specimen management requires effective multidisciplinary communication, minimized distractions, and awareness of the potential opportunities for error. Errors in specimen management can lead to inaccurate or incomplete diagnoses, the need for additional procedures, and perhaps most importantly, errors in specimen management can lead to physical and psychological injury of patients who have placed their trust in perioperative RNs.