Reprocessing Single-Use Devices in the Ambulatory Surgery Environment

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Volume 109, Issue 4 - April 2019
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Reprocessing Single-Use Devices in the Ambulatory Surgery Environment


Reprocessing single- use surgical supplies and devices is an option for hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs). The US Federal Government has recognized the practice since 2000, and regulatory oversight has increased dramatically since that time. Reprocessing single- use devices is safe when personnel use approved methods, and health care facilities can experience significant cost savings by participating in this type of initiative. This article explores reprocessing and its benefits in ASCs, including a review of the oversight that the US Food and Drug Administration currently has for reprocessing and a discussion of the results of studies pertaining to this practice. The article also describes some issues that ASC leaders need to be aware of when considering the implementation of a reprocessing program. Single- use device reprocessing can be an effective tool for ASC leaders to conserve and manage resources.

Key words: ambulatory surgery center, device reprocessing, single-use device, original equipment manufacturer, regulatory requirement.